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Sport Betting Types

Just as sport betting odds are represented differently in different parts of the world so are the types of bets you can place. Again, essentially they are all similar but different terminology is used.

There are far too many and too complex sport betting types to list here so we’ll stick to the main ones.

Win, Single or Straight Bet: Are straight forward bets on a single outcome. A horse to win, a football team to win, lose or draw, etc.

Place Bets: These can apply to other sports but are normally associated with racing events and are a way of getting a return even if your chosen horse (or dog) does not win the race but comes in a top place (normally 1st, 2nd or 3rd.)

Each-Way Bet: Again generally racing related and allows you to combine a win and a place bet in the same wager.

Multiple or Parlay Bet: A series of singles where the outcome of the first is stacked on the second and so on. If any of the bets fail then the whole bet is lost but if they all win then the return would be higher than placing separate single bets.

Full Cover or Progressive Parlay Bet: Similar to the a multiple bet but allow a reduced payout still to be made even should some of the bets lose.

Forecasts or Future Bet: Forecasts are bets on a single event that require the correct forecasting of the finishing order of (usually) the first two or three finishers in the event.

Correct Score Bets: Bets placed on a final score of a match, football, cricket, horse racing, etc. These can also be placed as half-time or full time scores.

Goals /Goal Scorer Bets: These can be placed for the total number of goals scored in a game and against which player scores them.

Lay Bet: The opposite of a Win bet. A bet placed on something not happening. These are more common among betting exchanges where you bet against othe punters rather than the bookmaker.

As we said, the number and complexity of sport betting types are many fold and you should check with your online bookmaker as to the types on offer.

Updated: July 17, 2013 by SportBettingOnline